SÃO PAULO, SP (FOLHAPRESS) – To serve university students from the upper middle class, investors are building or renovating buildings that will be rented exclusively for student housing. Rents range from R $ 1,000 (per person in a shared room) to R $ 4,750 (for those who can afford an individual kitchenette with a balcony and views of the sea in Rio).

Renting a one-bedroom apartment in downtown São Paulo costs from R $ 29.29 per square meter, according to a survey by Secovi-SP (Housing Union) in December – the survey does not separate kitchenettes and apartments.

With 30 square meters, for example, it would reach R $ 879 monthly. In Jardins, the same property would cost the tenant R $ 1,167, without considering the furniture.

The consultancy Bonard estimates that currently 3,000 people live in this type of student housing in the country. The potential, according to the company that guides other companies wishing to enter this market, would be to serve 90 thousand of the 6.4 million students in classroom courses at public and private universities.

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