Market Research

Market Research helps governments, destinations, associations or education providers to better understand destinations and source markets (legislation, policies, performance, size, segments, structure, benchmarking, demand levels, etc.).

It also allows our customers to analyse their target audience (preferences, booking channels, socioeconomic impact, segmentation, preferred ways of engagement, etc.).

Nonetheless, conducting Market Research can help your (or your members‘) position and raise the profile in the market, towards the broader industry or media.

Market Research from Bonard is a bespoke service with no dependency on data availability that includes secondary and primary in-field data collection such as conducting surveys, mystery shopping and other such activities that are further analysed and transform into useful information.

Learn more about Market Research below – what does it include, what are the benefits and how it already helped our clients.

Annual reports

  • Annual membership surveys
  • Market size and segments
  • Source countries and visa
  • Source market performance
  • Destination market shares

Quarterly Reports

  • Quarterly membership surveys
  • Recent source market performance
  • Segment ratios
  • Booking channel developments
  • Regional data

Economic and social impact

  • Socioeconomic impact of international primary and secondary students on destination
  • Measuring GDP, expenditures, job creation, taxpayments, demographics, impact on cultural and social fabric, services in destination such as accommodation, transportation, etc.

Country-specific market reports

  • Insights into a specific market
  • Market size and structure
  • Customer segmentation and preferences
  • Booking channels and preferred ways of engagement

Sector-specific market reports

  • Sector benchmarking for individual schools or associations
  • Sector size and structure
  • Analysis of demand levels, booking patterns
  • Customer preferences

Topic-specific market reports

  • Service mostly attractive for associations
  • It helps raise the profile of the association and members (towards themselves, industry and media)
  • It also helps boost development within broader industry
  • could be focused on student experience, preferences or trends, market size, socioeconomic impact, etc.

Feasibility studies

  • Market scoping for in-depth analysis
  • Detailed surveys and interviews with stakeholders and target audience
  • Goal is to identify opportunities for further growth or new product(s)

White papers

  • Similar to Topic-specific market reports
  • Serves to educate the audience about particular industry issue or explain and promote certain methodology
  • Could have various form(at)s and is considered as an advanced problem-solving guide


  • Governmental agencies
  • International trade bodies
  • Chambers of commerce


  • Cities
  • Regions/States
  • Countries


  • Per sector
  • Per destination
  • Per source market

Education providers

  • Universities
  • K-12
  • Language schools

Independent research administrator

We are a UNWTO Affiliate Member with individual memberships in ESOMAR World Research (increases the profile of the research and thus trust vis-à-vis survey participants)

Internal audit

What is collected and how, under what timeframe, how the data is processed and reported, etc.

Questionnaire optimisation

To collect more data, more accurate data, more user-friendly, thus easier for members to share data

International standards

Alignment with international standards results in higher quality and more comparable outcomes

Various reporting formats

Ability to process various reporting formats (pdf, xls, exports, etc)

Research team with capacity

Dedicated research team with capacity to be used during data collection (calling, verification, corrections, cleaning)

Destination benchmark & competitive analysis

International perspectives and comparisons which provide a destination benchmark & competitive analysis

User-friendly deliverables

e.g. a visually appealing annual report, pivot table/filterable MS Excel dataset, infographics, enabling better uptake by members, media, government)

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Market Research

Our Market Research services have already helped 216 clients through conducting 135 research projects to grow in the vibrant international education market. With 11 years of experience in business development and 50 analysts and marketeers spread across 4 offices in Europe and China, we have a global reach (active in 64 countries), independent and unbiased data, full range of data collection methods, incl. a globally mobile field unit; access to providers, agents and students; with various formats of deliveries (e.g market reports, datasets, interactive maps or consultations).

If you are interested in learning more about how our Market Research services helped particular clients, please click below to navigate to our section.

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