International Education

If you are a government, destination, association or education provider interested in research, data and solutions on student mobility, strategic development, internationalisation, recruitment or marketing, click here for more information.

Student Housing

If you are an investor, bank, fund, asset manager, developer or operator interested in research, data and solutions on supply, demand, prices or pipeline, click here for more information.

Off-the-shelf and on-demand student housing data. Primary (in-field/street-level with our mobile units deployed in the city) and secondary data. 8 million internationally mobile students, 20 countries, 100 cities, 5,000+ PBSAs, 1 million beds with up to 250+ KPIs per city and PBSA. Learn more about industry-leading student housing research and data.

Macro analyses & Benchmarking

Analysis, benchmark, comparison and strategic planning within entire/larger market, cities or regions, in order to identify most suitable opportunities. Learn more.

Due Diligence/Underwriting Report

Full city report + regulations, taxation, transaction volumes, foresightand other relevant business intelligence. Learn more.


Full City Report

Ca.130 KPIs, incl. detailed breakdowns of key metrics, full universities list, full PBSAs database incl. their services, facilities, amenities, and pipeline. Learn more.

Quick City Scan

Enables you to quickly immerse into a particular city. Includes 15 key metrics, incl. demand, supply, rent levels, and growth rates. Learn more.


Student Surveys

Our mobile units are also capable of conducting in-field surveys to scope out student needs, preferences, and perceptions which can help you shape your product. Learn more.

Commercial Speaking

Our team attends up to 50 conferences per year, we are frequent speakers, often delivering unique and never-seen data and insights prepared according to an organiser’s needs and target audience preferences. Learn more.

Our Solutions offer complex and package services for more advanced data access and market understanding. Subscription is a standard industry model offering 24/7 access to data of your need and in a format of your preference (Tableau, Excel, etc.). We also offer Consulting which is in-office or distant sessions for your executives and teams to visualise the data and reach greater internal buy-in and understanding. Strategic Advisory is the most complex offering in our portfolio, combining Subscription, Consulting with all-year-long account management and availability to navigate your strategic expansion.


Learn more about our annual subscription-based model offering real-time data access prepared as per your criteria and needs: supply, demand, prices, pipeline, yields, transactions, etc. all updated once a year.

M&A Advisory

Learn more about Buy-side / Sell-side Advisory, Merger Advisory, Capital Raise Advisory


Learn more about our bespoke consulting and presentation session series where our team addresses all your areas of interest and provides deep interpretation of data and research reports you opted for.

Strategic Advisory

Learn more about our complex service to provide strategic advice before your next move. We advise on where to invest, what cities, regions, and why. We provide local market understanding and contacts, existing and planned competition, data on local authorities, meeting arrangements if needed, together with 24/7 data access and on-demand consultations.

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