BONARD CEO Samuel Vetrak has traveled to London’s Covent Garden to deliver the latest updates on the European Student Housing Market, where he addressed how student housing market has grown and developed over time.

Samuel presented where the future growth is and which markets are the most sought-after. Latest data on demand, supply, pipeline, prices or customer preferences were shared, altogether with investment volume trends as well as recent international student numbers in Europe and globally.

His presentation was followed by panel session chaired by Philip Hillman (JLL) and joined by industry specialists Sam Ball (Fusion Students), John Kenny (The Nido Collection), Ulrike Hagendorf (Catella) and Christian Scheuerl (MCP Capital AG). The experts discussed the most recent asset class trends, such as:

  • How can we build a Student Housing Operation of scale?
  • Where are the opportunity areas in the UK & Europe?
  • Where do we see the similarities between Student Housing & PRS operations and are we seeing them merging?
  • Where are the opportunity areas working with Universities in the UK?
  • Which parts of the UK market are the key opportunity areas moving forward?
  • What are the lessons from Mainland Europe when it comes to rental models, and the links between Student Housing, the Private Rented Sector & Micro Living?

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