Samuel Vetrak, CEO of BONARD, has presented the latest trends and developments in the European student housing markets at the Class Conference 2019 in Berlin.

Samuel started with a detailed look into the international student market which, as BONARD data shows, is constantly growing, even in times of recession, and thus providing an attractive investment opportunity, even more when nearing the end of the cycle.

He further highlighted two more super trends that are currently seen in the market globally – increasing demand for amenities in the PBSAs as well as continuous blending of student housing, micro-living and co-living products.

Samuel later provided student housing market snapshots for the following regions: Austria & CEE, Spain & Portugal, UK & Ireland, Germany & The Netherlands, France as well as one of the most sought-after markets in Europe – Italy. The analysis showed data and numbers of total students, international students, total as well as private PBSA beds, provision rates, average monthly rental levels as well as PBSA pipeline per each market/region.

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