The latest edition of BONARD’s highly-anticipated Student Housing Annual Report captures the current state of the industry and provides the most comprehensive overview of the Student Housing market.

Purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) is an age-determined asset class. Students need to study at a certain age, and the ongoing pandemic has proved that they prefer studying on site over online. After a number of students deferred their studies in 2020, the demand for both domestic and international studies rose again in 2021. With occupancy levels approaching 100% in many study destinations by the end of 2021, the defensive and counter-cyclical nature of the PBSA asset class has yet again been confirmed.

Introducing Student Housing Annual Report 2021

The improved monitoring, documentation and transparency of the sector were among the fundamental factors driving the rapid growth in student housing, attracting global real estate and investment heavyweights in recent years. In this regard, the latest edition of BONARD’s Student Housing Annual Report provides clarity on the current state of the industry.

The full report includes data on the following segments:

  • The Key Aspects Defining 2021
  • Total / International Student Numbers
  • Y-o-Y Student Numbers for 200 Markets
  • Market Saturation
  • Amenities
  • Rent Benchmark
  • Occupancy Rates
  • Pipeline
  • PBSA Openings
  • Transactions
  • Portfolios
  • Yields
  • 2022 Outlook

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Student Housing Annual Report 2021

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