China is the No. 1 source country for international students (662,100 students in 2018, a rise of 21.6% compared to 2016), with agencies being the predominant route for applications (over 50%). However, Chinese officials estimate that there are over 5,000 educational agencies, agents and other related businesses in China and it can be challenging for education institutions to pick out those which are professional, reliable, and provide quality guidance to students. Therefore, colleges undertake active agency marketing (with dozens of agency partnerships), aiming to maintain or expand their agency network and number of students.

During the webinar held on 21 May 2019, Igor Skibickij, BONARD’s COO, presented key Chinese agency market facts and segmentation by portfolio, size, years of experience, credentials, etc. More than 100 attendees took the opportunity to ask specific questions closely related to real challenges educators face, e.g. what is the best strategy to establish a contact with a mid-size and a large size Chinese agency or which provinces seem to be the most appropriate for which type of educators. Thank you for all the inspiring questions!

If you are also interested in more details on Chinese agency market intelligence, enjoy watching our video from the webinar below or click here.

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