BONARD team travelled to Cannes, France to update more than 100 investors, fund managers and real estate professionals about trends in student housing in 2019 and beyond. Samuel Vetrak, BONARD’s CEO, sent a very clear and firm message that student housing is a recession – proof asset class because it is based on student mobility and stable willingness to study. Regardless of economic cycles, the zest for education is present, although motivation and circumstances may differ.

Samuel explained the factors that might affect the numbers of international students in certain regions and/or countries such as e.g. work visas. “Some destinations build barriers, and some are not willing to remove them,” pointing to the USA and UK. However, majority of destinations invests a lot of efforts and funds into gaining more and more international students as they consider it as a fair opportunity to support domestic economy and demographics. The figures on the slides showed a clear undersupply, which is another proof that student and youth mobility generally offers very attractive yield rates.

Have the governments, countries and/or education institutions already realized the great potential? What is the best product to be offered – what are the attributes it should have? Are there more factors having impact on developments in student housing? What are the future trends?

This and much more has been covered in Samuel’s speech at MIPIM you can enjoy also here.

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