Hundreds of the leading student housing stakeholders met at The 11th Annual Student Housing Conference – UK, Europe and Global Markets by LD Events and discussed how the PBSA asset class is going through the pandemic, what we can expect in the upcoming academic year, and as investment activity continues, how different markets are coping.

The goal for the day was to discuss how the sector has evolved in the last six months, understanding the operational challenges and how they have been overcome, and how the investment sector assesses the market towards 2021.

We are pleased that our CEO Samuel Vetrak had an opportunity to present the latest global student mobility and PBSA data, trends and happenings with particular focus on European markets.

Some of the key areas addressed in his presentation:

  • Looking across Europe – how are different political and operator approaches affecting the European Student Housing Markets?
  • What differences are we seeing in different Countries and which are most affected?
  • Which Countries are the most resilient?
  • Do we see any dramatic changes in the next two years and if so where?

You can now request a copy of the presentation below.

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