We are pleased that you are interested in reading the first-ever Student Housing Market Report on Latin America.

The report was officially released on Monday, 10th Feb 2020 at the launch event in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Almost 70 professionals, incl. real estate investors, funds, developers, operators and journalists have joined the presentation by Samuel Vetrak, CEO of BONARD.

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About the report
In the US, UK, continental Europe and Australia, the recession-proof higher education sector has performed strongly, generating solid results for all the businesses trading within its ecosystem, including real estate. Student housing has produced higher yields than the traditional residential market. These results are driving the attention of investors, developers and operators to other global economies, including Latin America, which is now being considered as a possible new region to be explored by stakeholders.

The student housing asset class in Latin America is currently in formation years and therefore lacks both reliable data and platforms aimed at the professionalization of the sector. Therefore, we at BONARD, an independent research firm specializing in student housing, have compiled a first-of-its-kind study with the aim of supplying the consistent, accurate and reliable data essential for strategic decision-making.

The paper quantifies the size of markets in Argentina and Brazil and assesses globally-recognized metrics, such as demand/supply dynamics, pipeline, provision rates, price ranges, student preferences, all leading to further identification of investment opportunities in the region. Country-level data is supplemented by snapshots of the largest student cities, allowing for comparability with other, well established, markets.

The data is gathered by a combination of secondary and in-person primary research conducted by BONARD in Buenos Aires, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro in 2018 and 2019. Three field trips to the cities in question were conducted by BONARD’s senior researchers and analysts in the course of 2018 and 2019. The team of four worked both in field and at the headquarters. Insights featured in the report were gathered from more than 50 in-person interviews with pre-selected local representatives, opinion of local stakeholders, as well as visits to student accommodation establishments.


Special credit goes to:

Mr. Fahad Siddiqui
President, Casa Campus

Mr. Henry Madden
Founding Partner, Prolifico

Mrs. Santuza Paolucci Nogueira Bicalho
Axial Consult

Mr. Eduardo Serra
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro

Ms. Paula C. Iglesias
UADE Internacional

Mr. Ezequiel Mateo Martinich
Universidad Abierta Interamericana

Mr. Ignacio Iglesias
Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires

Mr. César Sánchez Casares
Study Buenos Aires

Mr. Iván Koch
Invest in Buenos Aires

Mr. Juliano Antunes
Uliving Student Housing

Mr. Rodrigo Abbud
VBI Real Estate

Mr. Gilson Almeida
Investe São Paulo

Ms. Fernanda Rosalem


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