Global Investment Asia Summit

Singapore, Hongkong, Shanghai February 14 – 22, 2019

Stefan Kolibar, BONARD’s Head of Marketing, was addressed to speak about student mobility in Asia focusing mainly on higher education both inbound and outbound as well as about recent trends in this region.

A map showcased those countries who have reached their target they set for themselves and those who are still on their way to the goal. Surprisingly enough, it is the second place China reached in terms of volume of English-taught programmes.

China set a goal to reach half a million of international students to come to China and study by 2020. Of course, the goal is supported by governmental initiatives and programmes, of which Stefan provided an overview. From global perspective, Asian cities are in the top 100 destinations students choose for their studies.

Having an office in China, BONARD can give a real in-house insight into agencies active in China. Questions like where students come from and how much regional mobility can be recorded in Asia built a solid basis for Stefan brief comments on student housing as part of recent trends that are affiliated with international education as such.

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