ELICOS Australia, 2018

In most countries there is no control over ESL teaching. In Australia the government regulates the English teaching industry to make sure that all international students receive a high quality of instruction. Brett Blacker, CEO at English Australia in a joint session with Patrik Pavlacic, Head of Research at BONARD, have presented the latest ELICOS report, including both status quo for 2017 and future forecasts.

BONARD reported about both the Australia’s global market share per student weeks and ELT supply around the globe. As for the source markets, there has been a tight run between China and Saudi Arabia. Looking more closely at the ELICOS sector, the analysis showed how individual continents/regions performed as source countries. Visas has been recorded as another key factor, which is why Patrik and Brett devoted them a few more slides in their presentation.

What were the developments in each Australian state? What is happening with Independent ELICOS grant rates? What are the outlooks?

Patrik and Brett have delivered a very detailed report with precise numbers answering all these questions.

For more information about ELICOS report please feel free to request the presentation here.

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