English UK Roadshow, November 2018, China

Returning to China for a short stay, Igor Skibickij, BONARD’s COO, has held a speech on how and what factors influence building of solid foundations for student recruitment in China. He described the current local situation and defined China as the major ELT source market per student weeks.

Igor also quite deeply presented the agent market, what are the circumstances to be considered locally as well as what makes China a unique market. Partially, it is due to behavior and characters of both parents and students so much differing from those in other parts of the world.

The presentation contained very useful guidelines what to do when trying to enter the Chinese market as well as a detailed cultural guide and digital options, including proven tips and tricks when being active in China. He showcased his words with three case studies BONARD completed – agent recruitment, local sales representative and online marketing. The key to success is what Igor mentioned multiple times: To build guanxi.

For more information about Chinese market please feel free to request the presentation here.

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