Central & Eastern Europe used to be overshadowed by UK & Western European developments as regards private student housing stock, with local players only catching up in relatively recent times. It is, however, becoming a rapidly growing region and is now on the radar of many local as well as international student housing investors looking for a less saturated market with new opportunities and greater diversification.

Samuel Vetrak, Founder and CEO of BONARD, an independent market intelligence powerhouse for student housing asset class, shared the latest data, insights, trends and opportunities in CEE student housing.

The latest trends and investment opportunities were later reflected on the panel of industry experts Rainer Nonnengässer (International Campus), Gary Clarke (Milestone Student Living), Roland Paar (Soravia Group) and Bálint Botos (Forestay Group).

If you are looking for research and data on student housing or rented residential asset classes, write us at business@bonard.com.

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