AIEC 2018, October, 2018

China represents world’s biggest domestic ELT market reaching 400 million domestic English learners yet its outbound ratio is one of the lowest among the source markets. Why is it so and is there potential for a market shift?

Will China follow the footsteps of other ELT source markets and in the process, double the international ELICOS sector? Or is China bound to develop differently prompting ELICOS providers to adjust?

This joint session led by Mr Brett Blacker, CEO of English Australia and Mr Samuel Vetrak, CEO of BONARD, answered the questions and presented major findings from the research initiated by English Australia on behalf of Department of Education and Training and undertaken by BONARD (formerly StudentMarketing) with the aim to scope demand for standalone ELICOS from China and possibilities to stimulate it.

The presented research drew conclusions from first of its kind comprehensive in-country survey deriving from qualitative research of agents, school chains, employers, government stakeholders and quantitative survey of the Chinese end customers.

Industry experts from English Australia that commissioned the project and BONARD, a market research and strategic development consultancy that conducted the research, offered unprecedented insight in how to effectively market ELICOS in China.

Key takeaways:
• Understand the nature of Chinese ELICOS outbound market
• Get to know the preferences and expectations of Chinese ELICOS students
• Learn what works and what doesn’t when marketing ELICOS programs in China
• What types of programs and audience to focus on and where
• Which recruitment channels are worth pursuing

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