The purpose-built student housing market is good for investment in 2019, a new study by Bonard confirmed, with demand consistently outstripping supply in Europe, as the continent becomes more and more popular with international students. Student housing as a sector is beginning to consolidate and mature, with many opportunities for high returns the study explained, counting over 500 investors, developers and operators over Europe.

In continental Europe, demand heavily outstrips student housing supply and is growing, with most student houses recording close to 100% occupancies. On average there are beds only for 15% of students, although the picture varied across the cities surveyed. Asked to pinpoint the top-three cities for potential investors, the study listed Berlin, Amsterdam and Paris together with Barcelona and Milan as “winning cities,” with large international student populations, a number of highly-ranked institutions, and English-taught programs. Among international students, the lion’s share of the demand is for private PBSA with communal areas and amenities, as noted in another study by Bonard last year. Students are paying on average €610 per month across Europe, from €473 in Budapest to €1,300 in Milan, for a private single studio.

The data was collected throughout 2018. A preview of the data was presented at the end of December, while the full study was released on January 21.

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