A new report from British research firm ISC Research, has highlighted the growth of “an international style of education” in China, and the steep rise in Chinese children joining immigrant communities in the new schools. Second tier cities like Jiangsu and Zhejiang are touted as spaces to watch for school growth. A 64% increase in the five years to 2018 mean the latest figures revealed 245,500 students enrolled in international private K-12 education in China.

Private education expenditure has risen among Chinese families, “a result of a growth in [China-wide] prosperity”, the report noted. Other growth factors identified in the research include Beijing’s amended “two-child” policy, as well as increased awareness among Chinese parents of the benefits of international education, and the recent moves to make it easier for foreign investors to run schools in China. As the market expands, Bonard, the international education research and business analysis firm, said new innovations such as “in-house college counsellors” were being brought into the Chinese market. “Private international schools have recently started to employ in-house study abroad counsellors (similar to the U.S.-based model), where the counsellor is an individual advisor to a student and is responsible for customised pathway of the student from/throughout school towards university. This is paid for by schools and parents,” a spokesperson explained.

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